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Multi-Slide Show changes the way that you can view a PowerPoint slide show. With your investments in multiple displays, you can now simultaneously view 2, 3 or 4 slides across separate displays instead of being restricted to a single slide at a time.

Multi-Slide Show allows you to do the following:

  1. View slides in a sequence on different monitors.
  2. Add a blank slide after the current slide for capturing additional real-time information directly into PowerPoint. This feature exploits an interactive device such as an interactive whiteboard or interactive projector.
  3. Use additional displays to view hyperlinks from PowerPoint that contain information to enhance your slide show. i.e. live webpage, visualizer image, etc.
  4. Option to display the four previous slides on the final display, instead of just one slide.
  5. Option to output 'Speaker Notes onto a separate lectern monitor to assist presenter.
Instead of filling a slide with too much information, you can now use two or three displays to really make you and your PowerPoint presentations stand out. Information can be presented in context, which allows improved comparisons, contrasts and conclusions being made.

Build a Story - Clarify a Process - Explain new Research

The use of multiple displays will make communication more effective; audiences can experience the next section of a process whilst the previous one remains visible. This increases the contextual understanding of information.

Multi-Slide Show works with Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003. Once installed, Multi-Slide Show is available from the Slide Show Menu.

Click here to see a short 2-minute video of Multi-Slide Show in action on Google YouTube.

Click here to download the product.

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